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Dental Bridges and Crowns

Bridges and Crowns

A crown is required when a weakened tooth needs to be protected, a dental implant needs to be restored, a dental bridge needs to be supported or to protect your tooth from excessive grinding.

It is basically a cap which is bonded over the core of your natural tooth, strengthening it and restoring it back to normal functionality. They are each custom made and cover your whole tooth right down to your gum line, then sealed so that no bacteria can enter.

Your crown is colour matched to your existing teeth giving it a natural look. With correct care, your crown should last up to 10 years.

A crown is usually required when you have:

  • heavily filled teeth or large fillings
  • broken, weak or cracked teeth
  • excessive wear from grinding or acid wear
  • teeth that have had root canal treatment

A bridge is used to replace multiple missing teeth and is supported by crowns on each end.

The process of bridges and crowns generally take a few visits as each bridge and crown is custom made in order to achieve the most natural aesthetically pleasing look. Give us a call to restore your tooth back to full functionality and ensure your teeth do not move or shift.

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