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Bridges & Crowns

A crown is required when a weakened tooth needs to be protected, a dental implant needs to be restored…

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During your examination we will provide a thorough visual assessment and analysis of your teeth, gums and tongue…

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A filling is a white composite resin which is placed into the cavity to protect the tooth from bacteria and infection…

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An implant is a titanium post which is carefully inserted into your jawbone and acts as a tooth root. The titanium post…

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Myobrace is an alternative orthodontic solution to braces. It is a no-braces type treatment to help straighten your teeth…

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Oral Hygiene

During your visit we will provide instruction to help you maintain good oral health at home; such as correct brushing methods…

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure and can often be performed in the chair under a local anaesthetic…

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