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Dental Plaque

Plaque and Decay

Plaque is a sticky film in your mouth made up of millions of bacteria which feed off the sugar and acid you consume.

The plaque traps in the spaces between your teeth and along your gum line, which then hardens overtime becoming calculus. The plaque begins to wear down the enamel and dentine of your teeth leading to decay. Dental plaque and decay will usually appear as a yellow, brown or black spots on your teeth.


Plaque and decay do not usually cause pain however if left untreated the decay will continue to wear down your tooth until it hits your dentine nerves.

Once this occurs you will begin to feel sensitivity and aches, if it continues to remain untreated tooth decay may lead to an infection and require root canal treatment or tooth extraction.


Often plaque can be hard to remove by just brushing as flossing as it sits in difficult to reach places so it’s important to ensure you receive a professional clean by your dentist.

In most instances if decay is detected early, a filling will stop further deterioration.

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